The App4Sales Android app is now available for tablet and smartphone

App4Sales is now available as Android app! You can now find version 1.0 in the de Google Play Store. App4Sales Android is available for Android tablets and smartphones. The Android app has a completely new design, which will be the basis for the new iOS version for iPad and iPhone later this year.

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What are the additional functionalities of App4Sales Android?

The App4Sales Android version has a completely new design. Next to that, it is possible to use the sales app on your Android smartphone as well as your tablet. One of the most notable features is the possibility to scan product codes with the camera of your smartphone. Furthermore, you can work with different order types at the same time and switch between these orders. We recommend to use App4Sales Android on a Android tablet or smartphone that is using Android version 6.0.0. Discover what the Android app looks like in the video!

Are all functionalities available in the Android app?

The first Android version of App4Sales is ready, but it does not include the integration with Google Maps, adding new customers and some small features that are available in the iPad version at the moment. The App4Sales development team is working hard to implement these features in the upcoming releases. Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions regarding the Android version, your feedback is highly appreciated.

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When do we expect to launch the iPhone app?

App4Sales is now also available on iPhone! Read the press release here.

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