App4Sales: Why a more efficient sales process will boost your sales

Improve the productivity of your sales representatives. Be one step ahead of your competition. With App4Sales you will always be up to date and ready for your next opportunity.

Keeping up with industry developments is the most effective way to stay ahead of your competition. An efficient sales process can save your business a great deal of work and time. There is still a lot to improve if you’re still manually registering orders. Automation of manual processes can keep you ahead of the game. This can be done with innovative tools, such as a B2B sales app. But choosing the right B2B sales app to work with can be a daunting task. That’s why the App4Sales team developed the most efficient app to optimize your sales process. We’d like to introduce: App4Sales,the perfect mobile sales app.

Why is App4Sales the best choice, when it comes to a B2B sales app?

App4Sales is an all-in-one mobile sales app

App4Sales is not just an innovative way to showcase your products, but also a time saving app for registering new customers, processing and signing orders. Tasks such as manual order processing, scanning signed documents and manually updating your administration are a thing of the past. This way you can minimize the amount of manual tasks your sales representatives have to carry out. Taking these tasks off your sales representatives’ shoulders will give your team the opportunity to sell more, and thus be more productive.

App4Sales is directly integrated with your ERP-system

App4Sales can be directly integrated with your back-office. App4Sales is compatible with ERP-systems such as SAP ERP, Microsoft Dynamics, Exact Online and many more. With App4Sales you will always be able to view real time data of your stock, so you won’t ever have to turn down a sale. You’ll never be faced with surprises, such as products that are suddenly out of stock, again.

With App4Sales, there’s no more need for paper catalogs

Paper catalogs are outdated. Instead of carrying around heavy paper catalogs on trade fairs you can bring an iPad or android device of your choice. With App4Sales you’ll be more mobile at trade fairs and more environment-friendly, switching out paper catalogs for a way more efficient sales app. You’ll always be able to update your prices, and you’ll never have to print new catalogs again. App4Sales even offers options to display customer specific prices and product filters.

App4Sales is easy to use

App4Sales is designed and developed to be quickly integrated and is easily adapted by users, because of its user friendly interface. Our App4Sales support-team offers thorough support for App4Sales users. They will offer you the best advice to make sure you get the full benefit of App4Sales.

Improve the productivity of your sales reps

Ultimately, you can optimize your sales- and orders process even further with our other products such as Core-portal, App4Picking and App4Customers. These apps work seamlessly with your administration system and will ensure that you can use your time as efficiently and effectively as possible.

App4Sales user MYOMY Do Goods, a fairtrade company that sells sustainable bags, is very pleased with the implementation of App4Sales in their sales workflow. The implementation of App4Sales made their order process three times faster than it was before. Read their story here.

Improve the productivity of your sales representatives. Be one step ahead of your competition. With App4Sales you will always be up to date and ready for your next opportunity. App4Sales is an investment that is sure to pay of in the form of mores sales and higher productivity.

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