Care Cosmetics digitizes order process with AFAS & App4Sales

Care Cosmetics no longer uses old-fashioned paper order folders, but a fancy sales application.

For over 20 years, Care Cosmetics has been a distributor of exclusive foreign cosmetics brands for beauty salons and drug stores. The field sales force of Care Cosmetics is the engine of the company. Until 3 years ago they worked with paper order folders, until it was decided to take the first step towards digitization. After taking the first step, the distributor faced the absence of a crucial function; an offline function for placing orders, so that orders can also be entered in places with a less reliable connection. For this reason, they searched for a system that could be used both online and offline.

About Care Cosmetics

Care Cosmetics is a distributor of exclusive cosmetic brands in the Netherlands. App4Sales supports the cosmetics distributor in digitizing the order process.

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App4Sales a fun & easy-to-use system

Care Cosmetics wanted a system that is both user-friendly and fun for account managers, which is why App4Sales was chosen. Representatives can easily swipe through all products. In addition, orders are processed and invoiced directly in the back office. One of the most important reasons for choosing App4Sales is the available offline function, so that orders can be placed at any time and from any location.

Care Cosmetics has been working with AFAS since it established. AFAS Software is a company that optimizes the information lines within an organization, thereby increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of processes. AFAS provides control over all business processes and is easy to use in combination with App4Sales, the orders created and quotations are directly connected to your back office. The connection between AFAS and App4Sales works perfectly for Care Cosmetics.

AFAS connected to App4Sales

Care Cosmetics works easily and efficiently with App4Sales through the seamless connection with their AFAS administration. From the app, all orders are processed and invoiced in the back office.

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Care Cosmetics wants nothing more than a digital sales app

In the beginning, Care Cosmetics customers had to get used to the digital materials, because they were used to order books with beautiful visuals. After a while the customers started to get used to the use of digital processes and at the moment customers want nothing more than App4Sales and digital presentations.

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