De Kasteelhoeve easily reaches its targets with App4Sales

The integration of AccountView and App4Sales led to an increase in turnover for De Kasteelhoeve.

De Kasteelhoeve is an importer of quality wines from all over the world to the Netherlands. The field sales team consists of 27 wine advisors, who sell the imported wines in both the Netherlands and Belgium. Two years ago, De Kasteelhoeve decided to provide its field sales team with tablets featuring App4Sales. For De Kasteelhoeve, the functionality of using a tablet lies in being able to easily see customers and viewing their order history.

About De Kasteelhoeve

De Kasteelhoeve is a wine importer who imports quality wine from all over the world and takes care of various wine tastings. With App4Sales, 27 wine advisors in the field have all the customer data at their disposal while on the road.

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De Kasteelhoeve integrates Accountview with App4Sales

When De Kasteelhoeve decided to provide its sales field staff with a tablet, the use of an underlying stable administrative system was crucial. That is why a combination of AccountView and App4Sales was chosen. The combination of AccountView and App4Sales allows the wine importer to link its representatives to the accounting system.

AccountView is a standard software from Visma, which serves as the basis for your financial administration. App4Sales is a handy sales application that you can easily integrate with AccountView. The field sales department easily registers orders while they are connected to AccountView or in offline mode. After this, the orders are forwarded directly to your back office, which means that the manual entry of orders is a thing of the past.

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Clear overview of customers with the sales application

App4Sales offers De Kasteelhoeve a clear overview of its customers and their order history. Stocks are always up to date with App4Sales and can be easily viewed by representatives. All orders placed with the App4Sales application are directly visible in Accountview. Previously, all orders were manually entered once a week with App4Sales, this is a thing of the past.

App4Sales and Visma Accountview

The integration between Visma Accountview and App4Sales enables De Kasteelhoeve to get even more out of their sales process. With App4Sales, manual order processing is a thing of the past and what customers have ordered is immediately visible.

Saving time for De Kasteelhoeve with App4Sales

With App4Sales, De Kasteelhoeve has access to their customer data everywhere. The accessibility of customer data at any time and at any location results in time saved. Since the use of AccountView and App4Sales, all wine consultants score well above their target, which is why the turnover has increased.

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