ELDgarden replaces pen and paper for App4Sales

“The biggest advantages with App4Sales are that it is very easy, smooth and quick in the process of placing orders with your customers” – Gunnel Eldforsen, ELDgarden.

ELDgarden creates stylish garden products with a personal touch. In the beginning, orders were noted with pen and paper, but as the company grew, the amount of paperwork became overwhelming. This became a problem because all orders noted at trade shows had to be manually entered into the ERP-system. With App4Sales, this is no longer necessary. With a Bluetooth scanner, products are quickly added to an order which can be sent directly to the ERP system. The ELDgarden customer also receives an immediate order confirmation by email.
App4Sales also provides a clear overview of the products including stock levels. Products that are out of stock can be removed from the catalog.

Curious about how ELDgarden uses App4Sales? Watch the video!

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