IKKI Fashion: “With App4Sales we have more control on stock management”

IKKI Fashion is using App4Sales since 2014. In this article, Tim Beljon explains in what way this B2B app has sped up and simplified the processes of the sales force considerably

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IKKI Fashion is a young and trendy Dutch brand that launched her first collection of sunglasses in 2007. In the summer of 2009 came a unique watch line and at the beginning of 2013 a collection of leather accessories. In the winter of 2014 the latest introduction has been: affordable, fashionable watches for men. The past five years IKKI has a prominent place on the accessory market by developing distinctive fashion accessories. Characteristic of all IKKI products is the excellent price / quality ratio.

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App4Sales: The digital solution for sales force IKKI Fashion

Tim Beljon: We were looking for a digital solution for our sales force for a long time. One of our requirements was that this system could be conencted to our administration software (King). Fortunately, this was no problem for Optimizers and they already developed an integration together with a King specialist.

The implementation procedure of App4Sales went perfectly. Of course a few start-up issues occurred, but they were solved very quickly in cooperation with the support department of Optimizers.

Looking back, we are very pleased with the implementation. Especially when you know this is achieved within a very short time. Optimizers has certainly presented itself as a flexible and involved organisation.

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Operating efficiency, saving time and keeping an overview

At IKKI Fashion, the sales force consists of five sales women. They all have an iPad mini with App4Sales and are very pleased with this new working method. Mainly the ease of use, saving time and being able to keep an overview are very considerable advantages. Before the implementation we used paper order forms which had to be processed into an Excel document at the end of the day. Those days are gone now! All registered orders are send and processed into our administration right away. Thanks to this improvement in the process we can now send a major part of the orders the same day. Obviously, our customers are very happy with this development!

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Advantages of App4Sales for IKKI Fashion

We are very satisfied with App4Sales and using it for six months now. We experience a number of advantages:

  • Sales increasing
  • Saves time
  • No transcription errors
  • Faster delivery

In addition, there is also a rapidly changing product range in fashion; therefore, stock management is very important. This app gives us more control and ensures that we never sell more than we have in stock.

“We are convinced that this B2B app can be used in many industries and we would recommend it to everyone”

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