SnelStart integration with sales app from App4Sales

Do you no longer want to enter handwritten orders manually? Then App4Sales offers the solution. After entering an order into the mobile sales app, it will immediately end up in your SnelStart administration. You can easily integrate SnelStart Online or via S-Connect.

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App4Sales is the solution for B2B entrepreneurs with a sales field staff. The iPad application gives your sales team a tool that contributes to digitising your order process. By designing your order processes to be more efficient, you will save time.

Your representatives register orders directly on their iPad, after which the orders are automatically synchronised in SnelStart. In addition to entering orders, you can also create and edit customers in App4Sales. By connecting to SnelStart Online or S-Connect, your item and customer data is retrieved in the App4Sales CMS.

Register customers

Register new customers and edit existing ones

Digital catalogue

Place orders from the digital catalogue


Connect App4Sales directly with SnelStart Online or via S-Connect

Online & offline mode

Use the app both with and without Internet connection

Stock information

View real-time stock information


See historical orders and invoices

The tablet sales app for SnelStart

  • Catalogue
  • Online and offline
  • Real-time stock
  • Consult history
  • Edit customer details

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Curious about how App4Sales works? Install App4Sales on your iPad for free via the Apple App Store.

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SnelStart integration with App4Sales

The integration with App4Sales can be established via 2 channels. Both connections take care of the synchronisation of item, customer, and order data with the App4Sales Content Management System (CMS).



  • Create new customers
  • Edit customers
  • Customer-specific prices (Online)
  • Invoice history (Online)


Are you using the Online administration from SnelStart 12? Then all data from your online administration is retrieved in the App4Sales CMS. When you change something within App4Sales, these changes will immediately be visible in your administration.

If you do not have online administration from SnelStart, you need to use S-Connect. When all settings in S-Connect are correct, all data will be automatically retrieved from SnelStart and appear in the App4Sales CMS. Through the connection, changes, such as in customer details, in App4Sales will be immediately processed within your SnelStart administration.

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SnelStart and App4Sales system requirements

The connection between SnelStart App4Sales can be established via your SnelStart 12 administration or S-Connect. For both channels, a number of system requirements need to be met:

Technical requirements SnelStart 12 Online

If you are using SnelStart 12 Online, you need to provide the integration key prior to the installation. If this key is known, App4Sales can be installed and put into use.

Technical requirements S-Connect

If you are using one of the other SnelStart packages, the S-Connect integration needs to be purchased to integrate App4Sales with your administration. The S-Connect integration was developed by S for Software. Contact S for Software about the use of the connection. Once you have S-Connect, the installation of App4Sales can take place.

After integrating with S-Connect, all export files from S-Connect need to be placed on an FTP server. Give the App4Sales team access to your FTP server to successfully complete the App4Sales installation.

The use of iOS 10 is required for good functionality of App4Sales on your iPad.

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