Specter integration with sales app App4Sales

With App4Sales you can provide your sales representatives with a handy digital catalogue on their tablet, which they can use to easily register new customers, place orders and send these to your Specter administration.

The products of the App4Sales platform support you in the digitization of your order processes. Because of the integration between App4Sales and Specter, orders end up in your administration immediately after they have been entered, and you can also automatically send an order confirmation to your customers.

App4Sales offers a variety of functionalities. For example, you can use a barcode scanner to scan items, after which the relevant product information will immediately appear in App4Sales and the product can be ordered. You can also find items using the lookbook function in App4Sales. This allows you to link products to an atmospheric photo, giving the customer a true impression of the products you offer. By swiping from image to image, you can quickly view various items in the digital catalogue.


Enter orders via the digital catalogue


Scan items and view product information


Synchronize item and customer data from Specter


View items easily via your tablet


Give customers an impression of your products

On and offline mode

Register orders without internet connection

The sales app for Specter

  • Sales via a tablet
  • Register new customers
  • Catalogue with images

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Integrate Specter with App4Sales

All item, customer and order data is automatically retrieved from your Specter administration to the App4Sales Content Management System, providing you with up-to-date information at all times.


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  • Placed orders
  • Item data
  • Customer data


The synchronization of data between both systems is almost automatic, so the tablet sales app is always provided with the right data. For example, if you change customer information in Specter, these changes will also be made to your customer card in App4Sales and vice versa.

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System requirements Specter

In order to use App4Sales in combination with Specter, you must have purchased the API module from Specter. We recommend that you contact your dealer to obtain the correct information. There must also be an FTP server present, since we require some data from this server to install App4Sales.

For App4Sales to work properly, you need to have an iPad with at least iOS 10 or an Android device with at least Android 6.0.

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