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Do you want to automate the logistical processing of your orders with Unit4? This is possible with App4Sales! Register your orders via the digital catalog, they will appear in your administration directly. The integration between your ERP package and App4Sales ensures that orders are processed at the touch of a button.

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Through the connection with Unit4, the sales app for your tablet has the right item and customer information wherever you are. All data is taken directly from your administration and placed into the App4Sales Content Management System (CMS). You can create or edit customers in the app, after which they appear in Unit4. Changes made within your ERP package are immediately processed and visible in the App4Sales CMS.

With App4Sales, you have a convenient digital catalog. The catalog not only provides insight into your items and stock, but also into other documents such as sent despatch notes and order history. It is also possible to choose from multiple delivery addresses and contacts when registering an order.

The application can be used in online and offline mode, which means an Internet connection is not necessary. Save your orders and send them to your back office as soon as an Internet connection is available. Not a single sales order is lost.

Real-time info

Consult up-to-date stock and price lists


Retrieve all item and customer data from Unit4


Create customers and edit them at any time

Online and offline

Use App4Sales even without an Internet connection


Easily place orders from the catalog


Visualize products with atmospheric photos

The iPad sales app for Unit4

  • Real-time stock
  • Digital catalog
  • Up-to-date price lists
  • Edit customer details
  • View order history

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Unit4 integrated with App4Sales

In order to integrate App4Sales, you need to have one of the following ERP packages: Unit4 Multivers Online, Unit4 Multivers, Unit4 Multivers Extended, or Unit4 Wholesale.



  • Real-time stock
  • Real-time price lists
  • Create new customers
  • Edit customers


Your UNIT4 package is integrated with the App4Sales CMS, after which all data from your administration is retrieved from the back office. Your item database, customer database, and more will appear in the CMS. Through the connection with your Unit4 back office, the App4Sales CMS easily retrieves stock levels and price lists of products.

All standard functionalities of App4Sales are supported by the Unit4 ERP packages. This way, you have access to real-time stock levels and price lists wherever you are. In addition, you can easily create and edit customers, after which these changes are immediately processed in your back office.

Unit4 Multivers Extended and Unit4 Wholesale offer additional features, such as working with multiple warehouses. Also, the sales dashboard can be shown in the customer card and notes in App4Sales can be forwarded directly to the back office.

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Unit4 and App4Sales system requirements

You need to meet a number of system requirements in order to integrate your ERP package with App4Sales. These requirements vary per package and are briefly explained below. Would you like to know more about the integration between your ERP package and App4Sales? Then please feel free to contact us.

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Are you using Unit4 Multivers or Unit4 Multivers Online? Then you need to provide us with certain information for connecting your ERP package to App4Sales. For instance, we need your administration number, WebAPI, and several login details.

If you are using Unit4 Multivers Extended or Unit4 Wholesale, then it is important that the following connectors are present within your ERP package:

  • Debtors
  • Product
  • Quotation
  • Orders
  • Prices and stock

In addition, a completed profile, administration code, web address, and FTP location need to be available.

The use of an iPad with at least iOS 10 or an Android device with at least Android 6.0. is required for good functionality of App4Sales.

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