Visma Mamut One integration with sales application App4Sales

Give your sales a boost with the apps of the App4Sales platform. The various sales applications contribute to the digitisation of your order process. In addition, the Visma Mamut One link ensures that orders end up directly in your business administration.

The App4Sales platform offers you a variety of applications with which you can easily digitise your sales. Manually entering orders is no longer necessary, these will automatically appear in your Visma Mamut One ERP software after sending the order within the sales app.

In addition to registering orders, you can easily create new customers. You can also view the entire order history of your customers on location. With App4Sales, you are always up to date and can place both online and offline orders for your customers.


Place orders easily via a tablet


Create customers at any location


Data comes directly into Mamut One

Order history

View the order history of your customers


Always have your digital catalogue at hand

On and offline

Can be used with or without internet connection

The sales app for Visma Mamut One Enterprise

  • Digital catalogue
  • Customer database
  • Order history
  • Sales via tablet

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Integrate Mamut One with App4Sales

The Visma Mamut integration with the App4Sales Content Management System (CMS) ensures the synchronisation of item, customer and order data.


  • Customers created
  • Order history
  • Scheduled orders


The integration authorizes all the data needed for App4Sales to be put into operation. Changes made later to the application, the CMS or your Mamut One administration will be made directly across all channels.

The integration ensures that you are provided with your customer data and order history at all times. In addition, you always have a digital catalogue at hand, with which you can place both online and offline orders.

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System requirements Visma Mamut One integration

If you want to use App4Sales in combination with Visma Mamut Software, you must meet some requirements.

A Teamviewer session or Remote Desktop connection must be used to access the server within your company on which Mamut is running. This server should contain the following components:

  • The Mamut Database, to which the App4Sales team must have access.
  • An installed FTP server (such as Filezilla Server)
  • Administrator rights on the server
  • The FTP server must be running on the same server as the Mamut server

In addition, it is important that you use the application on an iPad with at least iOS 10 or an Android device with at least Android 6.0.

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Mamut One Enterprise: all business processes in one administration

Mamut Enterprise is a user-friendly software ERP package from Visma Software, which enables you to combine your business processes into one integrated solution. This ERP system is perfect for SMEs, with both national and international focus. You register your company information once, after which everything can be found in one place, both online and offline, so you always have the right information at your disposal.

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