Visma software solutions with the sales app App4Sales

Does your organization use a solution from Visma software, and are you looking for a sales tool for your representatives? Then the applications of App4Sales offer the perfect solution. The sales applications can be integrated with different Visma software packages, allowing real-time data exchange.

Which Visma ERP packages are supported?

App4Sales is approved for a large number of Visma packages for which a standard integration is available. We support the following systems: Visma.NET, Visma eAccounting and Visma AccountView.

Visma integration

The integration between App4Sales and your Visma software allows you to access up-to-date product and customer data at any time. This way, you provide your sales department with the perfect sales tool, so that your representatives know whether or not a product is in stock and what the price of the item is.

App4Sales can not only be used as a digital tablet catalog, but also as a handy tool for registering new customers or editing existing ones. Changes made in the application are immediately synchronized to your Visma Cloud solution, so that your data is always up-to-date.

Automating your sales contributes to the optimization of your business processes. With App4Sales, you can take your sales to a higher level and save time. Not only are the apps from the App4Sales platform effective thanks to their integration with Visma; the applications are also easy to use and set up after synchronizing your data from Visma.NET, Visma eAccounting or Visma AccountView.


Orders automatically registered in your ERP system


Register new customers through the sales app


More sales due to up-to-date stock management

Tablet catalog

View articles in the digital catalog


Present articles with ambient images

On- and offline

Use the app with or without an internet connection

The sales app for your Visma software

  • Digital catalog
  • Insight into your customers
  • Load price lists from Visma
  • Place orders via a tablet
  • Real-time stock management

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Visma Software integration with App4Sales

App4Sales can be connected to one of the following Visma Cloud solutions: Visma.NET, Visma eAccounting or Visma AccountView.

Visma Software

  • Product data
  • Create and edit customers
  • Klanten aanmaken of bewerken
  • Registered orders


Your Visma software is integrated with the App4Sales Content Management System, after which all data from your Visma cloud solution is retrieved by the CMS. Your product and customer data can then be synchronized within the App4Sales sales app, giving you access to all the information you need on your tablet.

Depending on the software you’re using, various functionalities are supported. Our standard features are supported by all Visma Cloud solutions. Do you want to know which additional features are supported by your Visma software? Contact us!

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System requirements Visma solutions and App4Sales

Various Visma Cloud solutions can be integrated with App4Sales. These solutions all have different system requirements that need to be met. The following Visma Cloud solutions can be integrated with App4Sales: Visma.NET, Visma eAccounting and Visma AccountView. Read more about the system requirements on the documentation pages of these ERP systems.

In order to make the best use out of App4Sales, you must have an iPad with at least iOS 10 or an Android device with at least Android 6.0.

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