Winbas integration with sales app App4Sales

Do you want to automate your order process? Then the App4Sales sales app is the perfect tool for your sales department. With App4Sales, your sales representatives can easily register orders, after which they automatically end up in your Winbas software.

By automating your sales process, your organization saves time. No longer do orders need to be manually placed in your Winbas software, but they will automatically end up in your administration after being created in the App4Sales sales app. After this, your organisation can immediately pick up the next steps in the order process.

In addition to automating your order process, App4Sales can also be visually attractive. For example, you can display products in the digital catalogue with the help of images. Or you can use the Lookbook, to which you add atmospheric images to give a clear picture of your products to customers.


Submit orders directly on your tablet


Create new customers in the app


Always insight into data from Winbas


Sort by filter and search products

Digital catalogue

Order items from the catalogue

On and offline

Use the app without the internet

The sales app for your Winbas software

  • Customer information
  • Product data
  • Stock levels

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Integrate your Winbas software with App4Sales

By integrating your Winbas software with App4Sales, you can easily synchronize all data from your Winbas software with the App4Sales Content Management System (CMS). By exchanging all the necessary data, you have access to up-to-date product information and customer data in the App4Sales sales app.


  • Product data
  • Customer data
  • Submitted orders


Integrating the App4Sales CMS with your Winbas software results in a real-time exchange of data between the two systems. This means that when changes are made to the Winbas software, they will be implemented directly in the sales app and vice versa.

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System requirements Winbas integration

To integrate your Winbas software with App4Sales, you will need the following programs:
– FTP Server
– Winbass license code
– Winbass Connect

For optimal functionality of App4Sales, you need an iPad with a minimum of iOS 10 or an Android device with a minimum of Android 6.0.

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Winbas: a limitless business system

Winbas’ software has been developed for wholesalers and production companies. The ERP system can easily communicate with other systems and can be used both locally and in the cloud.

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