Lovely Linen: “From pen and paper to revolution: how App4Sales transformed our business”

“Thanks to App4Sales we have digitalized everything. It is completely revolutionary” – Erik Bergström, Lovely Linen.

Lovely Linen is a linen and textile wholesaler and operates in 20 markets. Before Lovely Linen started using App4Sales, orders were handwritten on paper order forms. Price lists and the catalog were also printed on paper. With App4Sales, the entire order process has been digitized. The product catalog, prices and orders can now be viewed digitally through App4Sales, and the lookbooks are also widely used.
The biggest advantage of App4Sales for Lovely Linen is that they can communicate directly with all their representatives through the app. Everyone is immediately informed when prices change or new products are added. It also ensures that all information is always up-to-date, eliminating the distribution of old price lists or incorrect information and images.

Want to see more about how Lovely Linen uses App4Sales? Watch the video!

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