App4Sales Fashion: catalog, lookbook and orderform in one app

Support your sales team with App4Sales Fashion. Your representatives use the B2B sales app on their iPad, allowing them to work more efficiently. App4Sales Fashion eases the administrative handling of your sales process.

App4Sales Fashion is a digital catalog, lookbook and orderform in one. The app contains the newest marketing materials, access to current stock levels and prices and digital documentation such as invoices and order history. Customers have the opportunity to sign their orders directly on the iPad, making App4Sales Fashion an efficient tool that quickens the sales cycle of your customers.

Features of the B2B fashion app

  • Supports pre-sale, stocksale, never out of stock products and future stock
  • Standard connection with all common ERP-systems
  • Online and offline mode

The functions of App4Sales Fashion

Improve your order taking process with the B2B sales app for fashion

Always access to your digital catalog

  • Show items, images, filters, stock levels and customer specific prices.

Take orders online and offline

  • Your sales reps can take orders at any time, with or without internet access.

Software as a service

  • The app can be licensed to users. All data is available 24/7 via cloud service.

Always up-to-date

  • Your sales team has access to the latest updated product information, stock levels, the newest models and correct prices.


  • Use the B2B app for fashion to sell your products, in many different languages and currencies.

Save on samples

  • Use high quality promotional images to showcase your products and eliminate the need to bring the physical collection along.

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Shorten your sales cycle with App4Sales Fashion

App4Sales Fashion allows your sales representatives to take orders quickly during customer visits, on the road or at trade fairs. They have access to your customer’s information, enabling them to inform your customers about correct stock levels and prices.
The extensive matrix function within the app makes it easy to add items to your shopping basket in different colors and sizes. Your customer can sign the order on the iPad immediately. The order will be forwarded to your ERP-system, where it can be processed administratively. This effectively shortens the sales cycle.
App4Sales Fashion can be used offline as well. Orders will be stored and automatically forwarded to your ERP-system as soon as the B2B app has internet access.

  • User-friendly design
  • Customize the look and feel of the app
  • Your sales team does not need access to your ERP

App4Sales Fashion responsive

Use lookbooks with ‘buy the look’ to sell your products quickly

App4Sales Fashion supports lookbooks with a ‘buy the look’ feature. Use promotional images to inspire your customers and mark sets or color combinations connected to your lookbooks. With only one click, you can add the whole set to the shopping basket. This makes it very easy to purchase entire sets.

Integration with ERP software

ERP software such as Exact Globe, Exact Online, AFAS, Reflecta, Gencom, Valk, Oculus, King, Snelstart, Visma, Microsoft Navision and SAP can be integrated with App4Sales Fashion

Integration with your ERP-system

App4Sales Fashion can be integrated with all common ERP-systems. This allows for near real-time exchange of information. Your sales representatives are therefore always aware of current stock levels and prices.
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