Pet supplies wholesalers use App4Sales to simplify the sales process

Are you a wholesaler in pet supplies? Simplify the sales process for your representatives with App4Sales. Enter orders via the sales app on iPad or Android device and send them directly to your ERP-system.

Various pet supplies wholesalers are already using the App4Sales platform.
Read below what benefits they experience since the implementation of the sales app.

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Digitize the sales process within your pet supplies company with App4Sales. With App4Sales, your sales department has access to up-to-date prices, stocks and article information at any time. With the B2B sales app, your representatives can easily record orders during trade shows and customer visits. After which these orders can be sent directly to the ERP-system. By automating your sales process with App4Sales, your pet supplies company saves time.

Order pet supplies via Core-portal

Provide your customers with a handy ordering tool Core-portal. Your customers can easily place orders themselves via the sales portal. Orders placed in Core-portal are automatically sent to your ERP-system.
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The sales app for the
wholesale in pet supplies

With App4Sales, your sales representatives have a sales app with various functionalities,
that contribute to the optimization of the sales process within your pet wholesaler.

Pet food lookbook sales app

Create a lookbook

Add images, create a lookbook and let representatives easily navigate to the desired collection.

Pet food catalogue sales app

Show inventory indications

Load stock in the catalogue, so your representatives know immediately if items are available for customers.

Pet food sales app

Simple user interface

Quickly navigate to the desired function from the main menu to start entering an order or adding a customer.

Pet food products sales app

Add item information

Display additional information on the product card, so that your representatives have insight into additional product information and stocks in App4Sales.

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Implementing App4Sales within your pet supplies company?

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