The sales app for your sales reps

With the mobile sales application, it is easy to see your entire digital catalog and sell your items via your smartphone or tablet.

App4Sales is connected to your backoffice, which makes it possible to register new customers, add items from the catalog to the order and have your customers sign the order directly on an Android or iOS device. With the B2B mobile sales app, the logistical handling of your orders is automated. Manually entering sales lists in the backoffice is a thing of the past for representatives with App4Sales. Easy and time saving.

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Design of the tablet sales app

  • Visually attractive lookbook
  • Comprehensive customer database
  • Real-time stock indication
  • Adding signatures to order
  • Sending order confirmation

The functions of App4Sales

The mobile sales app has various features that can simplify the sales process and save time.


  • Catalog and list view
  • Find, sort, filter and select items
  • Add items to an order
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Customer specific prices

Placing orders

  • Advanced order processing
  • Add items to an order
  • Include signatures
  • Manage and register customers
  • Print and e-mail confirmations


  • Use a lookbook as your catalog
  • Connect your items and item groups
  • Multiple visualization options

GPS location

  • Location based
  • See nearby customers
  • Get directions

App4Sales CMS

  • Integrated with your ERP software
  • Use price lists from your ERP software
  • Online stock information
  • Historical customer information

On and offline mode

  • Register customers
  • Create and save orders
  • Browse through your customers
  • Browse through your catalog

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App4Sales Training

With the App4Sales Training videos, you can get to know all functionalities of the mobile sales app step by step. All functionalities of App4Sales are explained clearly, which allows you to quickly and easily get to work on the mobile sales app.

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Easy and efficient sales with App4Sales

App4Sales has various practical features that can be used to set up the sales process quickly and easily. The customer overview within the mobile sales app allows you to see customers in the area and quickly navigate with the Google Maps integration.

Thanks to the real-time stock information of App4Sales, you will never face surprises with your customers again. There is always an overview of the current available supply which means you can avoid items being sold out. In addition, you can use price lists that make it possible to, for example, apply quantity discounts.
Have your customers immediately sign the order in the order screen, and after sending the order, it will immediately appear in your ERP package and your customer will automatically receive an order confirmation.

App4Sales Catalog

Visualize your items with a lookbook

Within App4Sales you have the option to use a lookbook as your catalog. In this lookbook you can connect your items to the images to visualize your catalog in multiple ways and to add these items quickly to an order. It is also possible to navigate from image to image to quickly view different items.

App4Sales Lookbook iPad

App4Sales integrated with your ERP-software

ERP software such as Microsoft Navision, Business Central, NetSuite, SAP, QuickBooks Online, Visma, UNIT4, Exact Globe, Exact Online, Snelstart and AFAS Profit can be integrated with the tablet sales app and the App4Sales CMS.

Connect your ERP

You can also use App4Sales if you have a different ERP-system. It is possible to have the mobile sales app communicate with the App4Sales CMS by means of XML or CSV files. You can also use App4Sales without an ERP-system by uploading Excel files into the CMS.

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App 4 Sales in the iPad App Store
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