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Warmako speeds up the delivery process by one day

Warmako Sales & Marketing focuses on introducing and supporting innovative top brands in the pet supply sector. This ranges from creating a marketing plan with accompanying advice to setting up a complete sales office for a brand. In addition, Warmako guides companies who have the wish to develop or introduce a new product or concept.

Warmako products

Clear marketing plan from Warmako

Working with a dedicated team Warmako develops a strategy and clear marketing plan for each brand individually. Because both Sales and Marketing are implemented, retail is influenced from 2 sides. Through Sales the brand is supported by retail, while Marketing simultaneously creates demand. Our sales team introduces the brands and makes sure they keep drawing the attention of pet supply stores and the head offices of all the commercial chains in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Our office regularly informs our clients about campaigns, new products and promotions.

iPad sales app

In 2014 the iPad sales app was implemented successfully within the Warmako organisation. Because of the integration of the App4sales platform with the AFAS Profit environment, all relevant customer and stock information is visible in the app.

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Company info

Company name: Warmako B.V.
Location: The Netherlands
Main activity: Sales and marketing products in the pet industry
Brands: e.g. Almo Nature, Animology, Reef One
ERP Software: AFAS Profit

40% of all orders placed with the sales app

The sales representative registers now 40% of all orders with the sales app. By using the sales app they were able to speed up the delivery process by one day! Wouter Koornneef, director: “We mostly get positive feedback on the speed of the ordering process. Shops place an order with our sales representative on Tuesday and on Wednesday the order is delivered.”

Achieved benefits

  • No more errors by retyping orders manually
  • No need for sales representatives anymore to write or send faxes
  • Orders are generally delivered 1 day earlier because of the faster ordering process

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