Positive ROI for Johnson Petfoods through use of App4Sales and Core-portal

Automating the order processes of Johnson Petfoods resulted in a reduction of errors and saves the company a lot of time. The use of App4Sales and Core-portal provides a positive Return On Investment.

Johnson Petfoods is a wholesaler specializing in the sale and distribution of premium pet food. What started for the owners as a search for the right pet food for their own pets, resulted in a fast-growing company that now has 2 Gazelle Awards to its name. Johnson Petfoods distributes various brands within the animal feed market in the Benelux, including Profine, Planet Pet and their own brand Riverwood.

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App4Sales helps to professionalize field sales

Like many other companies, Johnson Petfoods mainly took orders manually. Since the introduction of App4Sales and Core-portal, manual entry of orders is no longer necessary. An advantage of the use of App4Sales and Core-portal is that order processes are automated, reducing the chance of any errors. In addition, it looks much more professional when a field employee with an iPad arrives at a (potential) customer to register an order.

“App4Sales does what it is made for.”
John Sars, managing director of Johnson Petfoods

The use of both App4Sales and Core-portal offers many opportunities for Johnson Petfoods. For example, customers have the freedom to place an order themselves or a representative can come to record an order. By automating the order process, no longer does every step in the process need to be checked, only the payment. This saves time and ensures a quick ROI (Return On Investment) for Johnson Petfoods.

Johnson Online Order Portal, or: JOOP

Johnson Petfoods started using Core-portal as a B2B sales portal for its customers. This allows customers to easily place orders themselves from any device. The company has chosen to personalize its Order Portal, which is how JOOP came to exist.

JOOP stands for Johnson Online Order Portal and is used as a B2B webshop. Almost all Johnson Petfoods customers now know JOOP and 60% of all orders arrive via this Portal. By deploying JOOP, customers can place orders from their own location, with the result that fewer orders are being placed by telephone or via email.

Core-portal and Johnson Petfoods

“JOOP is seen as the most loyal employee within the company, he does not complain, never goes on holiday and makes no mistakes. In addition, it is 24/7 available for all customers.“

The sales department of Johnson Petfoods works with App4Sales. The biggest advantage for them is that orders submitted are less sensitive to errors than handwritten orders. In addition, time is being saved, because no longer everything needs to be entered manually. For example, the placed order goes straight to the back office and the only thing that needs to be checked afterwards is if the payment of the customer came in.

App4Sales and Snelstart

Snelstart is a software program that App4Sales has realized with an error-free integration. With Snelstart you can also create and edit new customers within App4Sales. In addition to customers, the required article and stock data are also communicated with App4Sales, so that the order directly can be placed in Snelstart.

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