App4Customers, the app for your B2B customers, now available on Android

Now that App4Customers is also available on your Android smartphone and tablet, you have the opportunity to publish your own B2B app! App4Customers gives your B2B customers the possibility to simply order items in your own Android company app. You can now download and test this Android version of App4Customers.

With App4Customers, your customers can download your app to have access to your entire digital catalog with their own prices and optionally, current stock levels. Present your articles in an attractive way with mood images. Link your articles to these images to allow your customers to add these products directly to their shopping cart.

App4Customers for Android

WWithin App4Customers for Android, your customers are able to simply add new brands or administrations and they can easily switch between different brands. As a result, your customers can quickly order items and these orders will be visible in your administration immediately.

App4Customers Android

WOW factor for your B2B customers

The advantage of App4Customers for your B2B organization is the possibility to use mood images to convince the customers. Article images can be displayed in a large format and the customer has the possibility to use the zoom-function. You determine which article fields will be shown in the B2B app to provide your customers with relevant information about your articles.

For optimal use, we recommend using at least Android 6.0.0.

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Your own B2B app in the Google Play Store

It is possible to use App4Customers in the Google Play store with your own logo, company name and descriptions. This ensures that App4Customers is not only a convenient B2B order tool, but also a great marketing tool!
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App4Sales CMS

App4Customers is connected to the App4Sales Content Management System (CMS). Within the CMS, you have the option to manage the settings and mood images. You can choose with fields and options are available to your customers. For example, you can allow your customers to leave comments when placing an order.
Your ERP-system will be connected to the CMS. Thanks to this integration, your customers are provided with accurate and up-to-date information about stock levels and prices. Placed orders will be forwarded directly to your ERP-system, so that you can immediately process these orders.

App4Customers B2B app for iOS

App4Customers is also available on iOS. At this moment, the iPad version is already available and we are working hard on the release of App4Customers for your iPhone.

App 4 Customers in the iPad App Store

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