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Gulden krakeling delighted with App4Sales iPad app

Gulden Krakeling is a leading brand in biscuits and pastry and has been active on the Dutch market for over 35 years. The strength of Gulden Krakeling lies in the guaranteed quality and freshness of all of their products combined with the customer-friendly and professional support by their staff. The Gulden Krakeling is using the mobile sales app to work faster and more effective.

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How does App4Sales make you work faster?

Ferry Mallo, Product assortment manager: “To be able to send our sales staff well equipped on the road, we opted for the field service solution App4sales. The representatives of Gulden Krakeling use the sales app for the registration and processing of sales orders, which often have to be delivered within 24 hours to guaranty the freshness of our products! Speed and reliability are therefore of great importance and our experience is that you can trust Optimizers to deliver just that.”

Company info

Company info: Gulden Krakeling B.V.
Location: The Netherlands
Main activity: Wholesale in biscuits and pastry
Brand: Gulden Krakeling
ERP Software: Baan
Number of App4Sales users: 10

75% mobile data reduction with the sales app

“Since we have been using the sales app, we have reduced our mobile data costs by 75%. As additional benefits, not only do our employees have access to real-time customer and product info, they are working faster and more efficiently. Pleasant for our customers, convenient for the company, so definitely good for Gulden Krakeling!

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