App4Sales RESTful API integration

Easily connect your administration with the RESTful API integration from App4Sales. The App4Sales Application Programming Interface (API) allows you to have your accounting programme, administration, or software package communicate with the App4Sales Content Management System (CMS). Use the App4Sales API now and, for instance, connect your Magento Webshop.


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  • App4Sales CMS
  • Items and customers
  • New orders and pricelists


Items, customer details and price lists are addressed by the API and placed in the App4Sales CMS. Your administration data will appear in the sales app on your tablet, after which you can start writing orders. All written sales orders, customer details, and new customers will be uploaded from the sales app into the CMS.

The API will retrieve the sales data from the CMS and make it visible in the computer program you have connected. Design a lookbook and have your sales representatives immediately increase your sales with beautiful atmospheric images. You can easily create orders with the digital catalogue. Speed up your order process today!

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