ASCI ERP integration with B2B sales app App4Sales

How does your sales department process orders? With the App4Sales sales app, you can easily place orders via a tablet, after which these end up directly in your ASCI ERP system. Digitizing your order process results in a reduction in time, because data no longer need to be entered manually.

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The ASCI integration with App4Sales ensures the exchange of item and customer data between your administration and the sales app. This ensures that your sales representatives have the necessary data and an up-to-date digital catalogue at their disposal at all times. The use of real-time data ensures that you are always up to date with stock indications and item information.

The tablet app App4Sales is not only a handy digital catalogue, with the application you also have insight into your customers, items and stocks on your tablet. App4Sales also offers the possibility to create and edit customers. Changes made within the sales app are directly implemented in your ASCI ERP and vice versa.


Place orders through the catalogue on your tablet


Create or edit customers on your tablet


Retrieve item and customer data from your ASCI ERP


View item information in the digital catalog

On- and offline

Use the application even without an internet connection


Easily search by item group with the filter function

The B2B sales app for ASCI software

  • Digital catalogue
  • Customer data
  • Product information

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ASCI ERP integration with App4Sales

After integrating your ASCI software with the App4Sales Content Management System (CMS), all item and customer data is automatically exchanged between both systems.


  • Order history
  • Real-time stock
  • Registered orders


The integration between your ASCI ERP and the App4Sales CMS allows for the exchange of necessary data, which will then be visible in the App4Sales sales app. The ASCI connection with App4Sales allows changes made to the CMS, ASCI or App4Sales to be implemented directly across all other channels, providing you with up-to-date data at all times.

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System requirements ASCI

Your ASCI software is integrated through the restful API integration of App4Sales, which allows your ASCI ERP to communicate with the App4Sales CMS. This is a REST JSON connection that you must provide yourself, you will receive from us what documentation is needed.

To make the most of the tablet sales app App4Sales, you need to have an iPad with at least iOS 10 or an Android device with at least Android 6.0.0.

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ASCI: automate administrative processes

ASCI is an ERP system that focuses on the automation of administrative processes to create a complete insight into business operations. ASCI software is also designed to optimize information and communication lines within an organization. By recording data in a single database, analyses and overviews can easily be made. ASCI focuses on SMEs and offers a user-friendly ERP system.

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