iMUIS Online integration with sales platform App4Sales

Set up your sales process more efficiently with the products of the App4Sales platform. The App4Sales product portfolio can be connected to your iMUIS Online administration, making it easy to synchronize data between both systems.

Provide your sales representatives with a digital catalogue with tablet app App4Sales, so that your sales department can place orders for customers at any time. In addition, the customer can sign the order directly in App4Sales, so that a complete order can be entered into your iMUIS Online administration. App4Sales eliminates the need for manual order entry and saves time.

App4Sales coupled with Muis software is ideal for setting up your order process, through the integration article and customer data are automatically exchanged, so your representatives are always provided with up-to-date information.


Filter items in the catalogue


Easily register orders


Synchronize data from iMUIS Online


Use a bluetooth scanner to enter orders


Customize the app language to the customer’s language

On and offline

Use even without internet connection

The iMUIS app for your Online administration

  • Digital catalogue
  • View customer details
  • Real-time insights
  • Create customers

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iMUIS Online integration with App4Sales

When iMUIS Online is integrated with the App4Sales Content Management System (CMS), all item, customer and order data is synchronized from your administration.

iMUIS Online

  • Edited customers
  • Registered orders
  • Signed orders


The integration ensures the exchange of item and customer data between iMUIS Online and App4Sales. Any changes made to the App4Sales application will be made directly to your iMUIS administration. This means that your sales representatives always has the correct data.

The integration provides everyone with up-to-date information, so that everyone knows exactly where they stand when placing an order. After placing an order, it will immediately be transferred to your iMUIS administration.

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System requirements iMUIS Online

To integrate your iMUIS Online administration with App4Sales you need to meet some requirements. For example, you need to be in possession of an active Cloudswitch license and you need to provide Optimizers with the environment code. In addition, it is important to determine which method of order submission and shipping App4Sales should use in iMUIS Online, both things can be configured in iMUIS Online.

To get the most out of App4Sales, you need to have an iPad with at least iOS 10 or an Android device with at least Android 6.0.0.

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iMUIS Online: focus on the growth of entrepreneurs

iMUIS Online by Muis Software focuses on the growth of entrepreneurs, with the focus on taking care of administrative matters. With iMUIS Online it is possible to automate the entire administration process. The company closely follows the administrative software market and is quick to respond to changes. Through in-house development, iMUIS can put together a suitable solution.

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