Newbase Online Business Software integration with sales app App4Sales

With App4Sales and the Newbase Online Business Software integration, sales representatives from your field staff can easily create orders for your B2B customers. Integrate your Newbase administration with App4Sales now and start increasing your sales revenue.

App4Sales is the perfect mobile sales application for your company’s field staff. With the mobile sales app, manually writing orders for your customers is a thing of the past. You can digitise the entire order process with App4Sales. Use the app to easily view all your customers, add items to an order from the digital catalogue, and send them directly with your tablet. By connecting to Newbase, you have the correct data from your administration, always and everywhere.

With App4Sales, you combine the sale of your items, writing orders, and maintaining your customer relations. Improve your sales opportunities and create a positive brand image for your current and potential customers. Download the sales app for free in the App Store and discover the possibilities!


Access to the full customer database


Send orders and consult the order history of customers


Provide an impression of your items with atmospheric images


Retrieve real-time stock levels


Use multiple languages and sell abroad


Seamlessly connected to your Newbase environment

The sales app for your Newbase administration

  • Visually attractive lookbook
  • Comprehensive customer database
  • Real-time stock indication
  • Add signature to order
  • Send order confirmation

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Connect Newbase to App4Sales

The App4Sales integration connects seamlessly to your Newbase administration. Your full customer database is retrieved and shown in the app. Consult all your items in the sales app and view real-time stock information. Saying no is a thing of the past, you always have an overview of the availability of your items.



  • Items and customers
  • Newly created customers
  • New orders and signature
  • Stock and order history


The App4Sales and Newbase integration occurs through a integration with the App4Sales CMS (content management system). The App4Sales CMS is an online portal in which you can manage your users and data. The CMS communicates with your administration and retrieves various data streams, such as your items, stock information, customers, and order history.

App4Sales Newbase laptop tablet

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Newbase online business software

Newbase is the online business software but all companies in the SME segment that work with Twinfield. The ERP package Twinfield is market leader in the field of online accounting in Europe. Newbase is the perfect next step for Twinfield users. Newbase works in the cloud and, just like Twinfield, offers a safe Internet connection that allows you to access it from anywhere and at any time. With Newbase, business processes can be set up smarter, faster, and more efficiently. The users can easily maintain things like stock administration, time registration, and relationship management.

By connecting to Twinfield, all bookings are automatically forwarded and will include all relevant details about the debtors and creditors. Newbase makes it possible to get all business processes and financial processes in Twinfield in order in one go.

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