Tracezilla integration with sales app App4Sales

With the App4Sales sales app, your representatives can easily register new customers, show products and place orders via a tablet or smartphone, which are forwarded immediately to your Tracezilla system.

App4Sales allows you to digitize your entire order process. Use the tablet and smartphone sales app to view customer information, check stock levels, add items to an order and send orders to your Tracezilla administration. Manually entering and processing orders, customer- and stock information is in the past.
By connecting the sales app to your Tracezilla ERP-system, you avoid duplicate administrative actions and benefit from efficient management of business processes.


View and order products easily via tablet or smartphone

Stock levels

View the up-to-date stock levels

On- and offline

Use App4Sales both online and offline


App4Sales is seamlessly connected to Tracezilla


Access customer information at any moment

Scan items

Add products to an order using a Bluetooth scanner

The sales app for Tracezilla

  • Real-time stock information
  • Transparant customer database
  • Digital catalog
  • Product information

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Integrate Tracezilla with App4Sales

Due to the integration between App4Sales and Tracezilla, all item-, customer-, stock- and order data from App4Sales will be automatically synchronized to your Tracezilla administration.


  • Customer data
  • Order history
  • Stock levels
  • Price lists


The Tracezilla integration with App4Sales ensures data is automatically exchanged between both systems. Changes in App4Sales are immediately forwarded to your Tracezilla administration, ensuring you have access to up-to-date data at any time.

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System requirements

Tracezilla is a Cloud based ERP-system, especially for business in the food industry. Tracezilla provides a connection between your systems in the areas of purchasing, production, inventory, logistics, sales, invoicing and quality.
For a successful integration of Tracezilla and App4Sales, it is important that you have an FTP server. Additionally, to use App4Sales optimally, it is important you have an iPad with at least iOS 10 or an Android device running on Android 6.0.0.

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