KUK Company automates order processes with App4Sales

The trouble-free integration between Picqer and AppSales enables KUK Company to automate and speed up its order processes.

KUK Company is a distributor of functional and original products for babies and children. KUK Company operates as a wholesaler and has more than 10 years of experience in the baby industry on the European market. Since its founding in 2001, the company has grown strongly and is currently responsible for the production and distribution of several well-known baby labels. Brands such as Fresk, Milestone, Sugar Booger and Eyetribe are distributed from KUK Company.

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From manual to automatic order submission with App4Sales

The growth of the wholesale trade led to a sharp increase in the number of orders. Mark, co-owner of KUK Company, indicates that sales orders were previously manually entered in Picqer. The ERP system used by KUK Company. This manual order processing was very time-consuming, prone to errors and left less time available to visit customers. KUK Company then decided to automate the order process with App4Sales. The available integration for Picqer with App4Sales made it possible for the sales app to be easily connected to the ERP package.

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KUK Company successfully accelerates its order processes with sales app App4Sales, now look at the possibilities for your business!

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‘The integration with Picqer and App4Sales works flawlessly’

KUK Company uses Picqer for its warehouse management. Picqer is a tool that can be used to professionalize warehouse management and work more efficiently.

Mark indicates that the Picqer App4Sales integration is working flawlessly. The existing integration enables customer data to be synchronised directly between the two systems. The right data is available at all times, making it incredibly easy to place orders both online and offline. Orders appear automatically in Picqer and manual entry of the orders is unnecessary.

“The order process is now almost entirely automated. The App4Sales link offers the possibility to send TAGS in Picqer, so KUK Company can see exactly where the orders come from.”

KUK Company has been using App4Sales for its agents since the beginning of 2016 and ithas made a good impression since then. There has been an increase in efficiency in the logistics and order process of KUK Company. By automating the order process with App4Sales, more time is available for visiting customers and other activities.

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