Like it a Lot digitizes sales with App4Sales and Core-portal

As a company, it is important to keep up with the digital era, also noticed by Like it a Lot. More and more customers are working online, this is why the company digitized its order process with App4Sales and Core-portal.

Like it a Lot is a bag wholesaler, which offers retailers everything in the field of leather goods. The company operates both nationally and internationally and has a lot of experience in their industry and is known from brands such as Piace Molto, New Rebels and Justified Bags, but also offers private label collections. The company automated its sales with App4Sales and Core-portal, because customers are increasingly operating online.

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Like it a Lot simply takes orders with App4Sales

Before Like it a Lot started using App4Sales, the company traditionally took orders with pen and paper. During trade fair Exact Live, Like it a Lot became acquainted with App4Sales and shortly after, the representatives started using the sales application. Because of the link with Exact Online orders are placed directly in the administration and orders no longer have to be entered manually.

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B2B webshop Core-portal

In addition to App4Sales, Like it a Lot also uses Core-portal. Previously, many customers placed their orders over the phone or by mail, now customers order via Core-portal at any time, location and device chosen by them. Because orders from the B2B webshop end up directly in the Exact Online administration, time is saved.

Optimizers offers a fast service

Concerning the cooperation with Optimizers, Like it a Lot is also very satisfied. Rodney says:

“It is very nice to work with, there is always someone who listens and when you communicate problems, information is given in a clear way. Optimizers also offers a fast service.”

Core-portal and App4Sales easy to use

The use of both App4Sales and Core-portal is experienced as easy to use by Like it a Lot. Both products are well organized and easy to use, contributing to the success of the products. Like it a Lot uses Core-portal for both national and international customers, the company’s representatives use App4Sales.

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Orders from Like it a Lot directly placed in Exact Online

The ease of use of App4Sales and Core-portal is the result of the integration with Exact Online, which means that all orders placed directly end up in the administration. The integration offers everything that Like it a Lot needs and ensures that orders no longer have to be entered manually.

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