ROI of the App4Sales business app

How do you get your Return on Investment?

When the App4Sales was launched 3 years ago potential customers often commented that they thought this product was too expensive. It was commonly believed that an app should be free of charge. Today, we rarely receive these comments anymore, because companies are increasingly recognising the fact that a good business app can provide a lot of benefits and a high ROI. But what exactly is the ROI of this B2B app?

Return on investment with App4Sales

Time = Money

The spontaneous enthusiastic response from App4Sales users during an App4Sales event last year showed us that our customers mostly benefit from the time saving ability when processing orders. Whereas in the past several people in your company were needed to process an order, now this is done automatically through the App4Sales. Also internal questions about customer and product information are virtually excluded by using the app.


Save time by automating the order process in your company

Fair sales are gold!

One of the customers in our pilot project regularly attends exhibitions where a sales team sell their products during multiple days. The sales representatives all receive an iPad mini at the beginning of the exhibitions and after a brief instruction they can already start with ordering on the app.

While the competitors are struggling with paper order and customer forms or crowding behind a laptop our customers can easily register orders on the app with real time product and customer information and gain all the associated benefits.

Are you dreading processing hundreds of paper orders after attending an exhibition and are you having nightmares of unreadable order forms? Are your sales representatives busy looking for product information in your CRM, rather than talking to (potential) customers? The App4Sales can change that!


Sell more on fairs and exhibitions by giving more attention to (potential) customers


Sell until your stocks are exhausted and process your orders immediately during an exhibition

Internal quality

Many companies are struggling with having the right data with the right people in the right place. How much is in stock? What is the order history of this customer? What is the outstanding balance? Does this customer have a custom price? Very often, this crucial data is already available in your administration software. Why not easily synchronise it to a business app for your sales representatives so that they can access and edit it at any given location.


A complete integration of App4Sales with your administration software ensures your internal quality by providing real-time information.

External quality

“We deliver what we promise” and “A deal is a deal” are some of the slogans that I encountered in companies that clearly respond to competitors who don’t take these words too seriously. How frustrating is it to have to disappoint your customer when an item turns out to be out of stock or no longer available at all?

(Human) errors in orders are a made too often and cause a big annoyance in the business community and therefore take a lot of time. When using App4Sales in your sales process and having a complete integration with your ERP software you will never have to disappoint your customers again.


With the App4Sales you deliver what you promised and minimize errors in the order administration.

ROI calculation

You can use these 5 ROI points to quickly calculate how much time and returns you save, besides the benefit of processing more orders in less time. Our customers almost all unanimously concluded that App4Sales is a great app that improves your business. For representatives and agents, but also for internal use App4Sales proves itself over and over again.

Heiko van der Vlugt
Director Optimizers

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