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The brand Nuby is part of a Belgian company named New Valmar. New Valmar is a team of passionate employees, which enthusiastically creates qualitative and innovative products inspired by nature and aimed at making the lives of babies and their parents easier and more fun. The products of the Nûby brand are developed in close cooperation with parents, midwives and GPs. For 40 years now, Nuby has been well-loved by millions of babies and families all over the world!

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App4Sales and Nuby

Last year, the iPad app App4Sales was successfully rolled out in various European countries. The app is now used in over 8 countries in their own languages to place orders for Baby Shops, Specialist Stores, Pharmacies etc. Representatives on the road take in all orders via App4Sales, they scan articles on site and send the order via App4Sales to the back office straight away.


  • Time saving for the internal sales department
  • Faster order flow
  • No errors as a result of manual input
  • Immediate order confirmation through signature of customer
  • Correct prices
  • Attractive presentation of the products through use of images
  • Stock information
  • Customer receives instant order confirmation

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Company details

Company name: New Valmar BVBA
Headquarters: Belgium
Locations: Germany, Italy en Spain
Main activity: Import and Export Baby Products
Brands: Nûby, Nûby Natural Touch, Nûby Citroganix
ERP Software: Exact Globe Next
App4Sales users: 30


“The representatives who actively use the app are extremely content,” says Gabi Kauer, internal sales coordinator of parent company New Valmar. “Scanning in particular is fast and customers are also positive about receiving an order confirmation with the correct prices straight away. In Italy and Germany the agents on the road use the app for 80% of their work, so they are very content!”

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