Trade show app App4Sales takes your sales process to a higher level

Trade show app App4Sales has been developed to take your trade show sales to a higher level. With App4Sales, writing orders on paper is a thing of the past: you enter orders on your iPad or Android device and have them signed directly by the customer.

You do not have to process the orders in your backoffice afterwards, because orders are sent directly to your ERP-system. Your customer can automatically receive an order confirmation by email.


Present articles attractively

It is not always possible to have all your articles physically present on the exhibition floor. This is not necessary with App4Sales. All your articles are visible with photo in the digital catalog, it is also possible to use atmospheric photos to present your articles even more beautifully.


Advantages of trade show app App4Sales


trade show app catalog

Record orders offline

Internet at fairs is not always reliable, therefore the App4Sales trade show app also works offline. This way you have the option to note orders at any time, you are not dependent on an internet connection. As soon as you are back online, you easily send the entered orders to your ERP-system.

trade show app scanner

Scan articles

With the help of a bluetooth scanner you can easily add items to an order. App4Sales helps you speed up your order entry and reduce manual errors.

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View customer data and register new customers

With trade show app app4Sales you can immediately create new customers. Thanks to the connection to your ERP-system, you also have insight into existing customers. This makes it possible to view their order history and easily place repeat orders.

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