Van Os Imports experiences more convenience with Core-portal Standard and PIM

Because of the increasing growth and new developments in the field of online services and webshops, Van Os Imports needed a webshop solution that is easy to adjust and maintain, with many innovative features. Van Os Imports found the perfect solution in Core-portal Standard. They now make extensive use of all the possibilities offered by Core-portal Standard and PIM.

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Van Os Imports is a family business that was founded in 1939. Due to the outbreak of the Second World War, Van Os Imports, then called Gebroeders Van Os, ended up in a difficult period. A few years later, while the Dutch society was rebuilding, the Van Os brothers discovered new opportunities. Where previous trading was conducted in forage goods, the brothers now focused on selling military goods and leftover army supplies.

Buying jerry cans, textiles and other surplus army materials provided the start in a remarkable industry. Today, Van Os Imports sells military, security and outdoor related products to business customers.

Van Os Imports stays up-to-date with Core-portal Standard

Around the year 2000, Van Os Imports started a B2B webshop. As time progressed, the webshop became increasingly important for B2B sales. Van Os Imports previously worked with a custom made webshop that was maintained by one professional web developer. Due to the increasing growth and continuous new developments in the field of online services and webshops, Van Os Imports needed an easier solution. A website that is easy to adjust and maintain, with many innovative modules. That is how Van Os Imports got in touch with Core-portal Standard in 2018 through joint partner Reflecta. This marked the start of a new website with Core-portal Standard.

Accessible and future-oriented

Van Os Imports makes extensive use of all the possibilities that Core-portal Standard offers. The webshop also functions as a website that offers everyone access to information and products – whether you are a private customer, business customer or potential customer. The products, lookbooks, catalog, newsletters and much more is available for everyone. This allows potential customers to get to know Van Os Imports and its products. Getting in touch for the first time is more accessible.

For business customers there is an option to log in. After logging in, the customer can find information about promotions or the new range of products. The information is customer-specific from this point. The product range is the same for every customer, but the marketing material may differ.


More extensive product information with PIM

Van Os Imports works with the ERP-system Reflecta XL-ENZ. Thanks to the connection between the ERP-system and Core-portal Standard, the products are visible within the webshop. The product information is extensively expanded with a PIM-system. Van Os Imports uses PIM for this. The field cot on the Van Os Imports website is a good example of showing the possibilities of PIM. For example, Van Os Imports used an internal link to a matching tent, included a detailed description, product specifications are clearly visible and customers can better visualize the field cot thanks to the included video.

Van Os Imports uses the webshop to sell to customers throughout Europe. Translators are used for translating product information to languages such as German, French, Spanish and Italian. PIM offers the opportunity to assign different rights and roles to different people. Van Os Imports has given their translators the rights to add the translations to products themselves.

    “Working together with App4Sales is great. There are short communication lines. App4Sales is progressive and you notice that in all the innovations that are implemented. This inspires confidence for a good collaboration”, .– Gijs Klok (marketing and e-commerce Van Os Imports)

Customers also experience the benefits of the new B2B webshop

Van Os Imports receives a lot of positive feedback from its customers since the switch to Core-portal Standard. The convenience that the webshop offers when placing orders, viewing customer data and order history is the biggest advantage for the customers of Van Os Imports. Responses such as: “The Van Os Imports webshop is clear and technically well-organized”, “There are many options within the webshop and placing orders is fast and easy” and “The Van Os Imports webshop is easy to use and offers the same conveniences as a consumer webshop” are responses Van Os Imports hears from various customers.

Van Os Imports itself also benefits from the new webshop. Core-portal Standard provides a lot of data that Van Os Imports can use to continue improving the webshop. In the online and corporate market, continuous development and investment is very important. The customer feedback leads to new insights and confirms that the webshop works well and is easy to use and fast.

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