Burkely’s sales are made easier by the NetSuite integration

BURKELY designs and manufacture stylish bags and sophisticated accessoires made of durable leather designed with an emphasis on functionality. Using Core-portal Standard, customers can easiliy place their own orders with BURKELY. To best provide customers with up to date information on products, inventory and their own order history, BURKELY linked Core-portal Standard to the ERP system NetSuite.

BURKELY is a family-owned company with over 75 years of experience in the leather goods industry. They design and manufacture stylish bags and sophisticated accessories made of durable leather designed with an emphasis on functionality. BURKELY’s sales department primarily focuses on the B2B market throughout Europe, with B2C is also becoming increasingly important.

For many years, BURKELY has set the standard for developing and manufacturing timeless leather goods. BURKELY bags are fashionable, functional, authentic, and well-designed.

Convenience with Core-portal Standard

BURKELY began selling its leather goods through the B2B webshop Core-portal Standard and the matching sales app App4Sales Fashion in August 2021. BURKELY previously used another webshop before switching to Core-portal Standard. BURKELY could not keep track of customers during orders with this webshop, and many manual actions were required to show the stock levels. As a result, BURKELY started looking for a new B2B environment that would be easier to maintain and more convenient. They found it in Core-portal Standard. BURKELY immediately switched to the connecting sales app App4Sales Fashion with the start of this B2B webshop. The webshop and sales app are now linked and communicate with their ERP system NetSuite in real-time.

User-friendly and professional appearance.

Core-portal Standard is a user-friendly and adaptable B2B e-commerce platform that allows you to provide your customers with a shopping experience that is as simple and informative as a B2C webshop. Customers can see products, stock levels, and order history in real-time. When combined with the sales app, it is also very simple to look over the customer’s shoulder in case of issues.

BURKELY connects the B2B webshop to their ERP-system NetSuite. “This link ensures that we only have to keep our content at one location. Every change or addition to the ERP system is immediately reflected in the app or webshop. Previously, we had to adjust this in each of the three locations separately. We can now avoid double work and manual errors, “Aurelia says (Process Representative at BURKELY).


BURKELY also collaborates with several agents who use the app to visit customers and fairs across Europe daily. The app provides a professional image, which the agents notice; you can immediately show your entire collection. You can easily go through the catalog and lookbook with a (potential) client or view the shopping cart that you have prepared ahead of time. You can immediately complete the order and send it to the ERP system at the fair or during a customer visit.

Link with NetSuite

BURKELY has integrated NetSuite into both its B2B webshop and sales app. “We indicate which products will appear on the stock or pre-order pages in the ERP system.” Furthermore, we add a lot of content to products within NetSuite, such as dimensions, color, material, and regulations. “This data is updated daily and is visible in our webshop and sales app,” Aurelia explains.

Some ERP systems only allow you to send data, but the NetSuite link also enables you to retrieve data. This convenience is also felt in BURKELY. “It is very simple to send orders to our ERP system, but it is equally simple to retrieve information. When we visit customers, we can immediately see if there are any pending payments or if delivery is on its way. This is popular with our agents because you can respond to it during your customer visit, “Aurelia continues.

Preparing shopping baskets.
In addition to having an easier time entering data and following customers, BURKELY considers the preparation of shopping baskets to be a significant benefit. Customer visits were frequently canceled during the corona pandemic. As a result, having a shopping basket ready for customers was a godsend. You can still think along with the customer, and the customer will feel special and noticed. You can already assist the customer based on previously sold or new items.

Analytics from NetSuite.
All sales data is entered into the ERP system. This allows you to conduct more analyses and gain clear insights. BURKELY, for example, can see how many orders are registered around a trade show, how many orders are placed by a customer, and how many orders are still being fulfilled by agents. “We can derive a lot of useful information from this data. For example, we can see which customers require more attention because we haven’t done much ordering ourselves. As a result, we improve sales, customer contact, and satisfaction.”

BURKELY is pleased with the implementation of Core-portal Standard and the accompanying sales app, App4Sales Fashion. The initial setup and subsequent use are user-friendly and understandable to all. The connection to NetSuite completes this, proving efficiency and insights.

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