Sales app in the food sector: Henrik Wahren Delikatesser AB saves time and costs by using App4Sales

Since the introduction of App4Sales at Henrik Wahren Delikatesser, the company saves time and costs in their order process. With the sales app, delivery notes are a thing of the past, as orders no longer need to be processed manually in the Fortnox administration.

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Henrik Wahren Delikatesser AB is a Swedish wholesaler managed by the brothers Carl and Henrik. The company is part of À La Carte Food Scandinavia and trades in groceries such as: salads, drinks, sauces and more. With their 2 trucks, Carl and Henrik are responsible for the delivery of groceries in the Östergötland area and in Sörmland and Örebro. Next to producing a variety of products, the brothers perform as agents, they connect brands to both small and large stores. Henrik Wahren Delikatesser is known for providing the “total package” to retailers. In contrast to other wholesalers, Henrik and Carl deliver products to the retailer, put them in the right shelves and take care of the outdated products.

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Carl tells about the simple order process with the sales app:

“We enter the order, the customer signs the order in the sales app and the delivery note can be emailed directly”

Looking for the perfect sales app for Henrik Wahren Delikatesser

Henrik Wahren Delikatesser was looking for a sales app to get rid of handwritten delivery notes. Manually entering orders took a lot of time and was sensitive for errors because of illegible handwriting. Carl, employee at Henrik Wahren Delikatesser, tells about the search for a sales app:

“I downloaded every app to see if it was something for Henrik Wahren. Not one app worked perfectly: photos were hard to see or the process of uploading products in the app was too complicated. I almost gave up, but I gave it a final shot and found App4Sales. After downloading the demo version, my brother and I were convinced. This is the sales app we must get”

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Decrease costs and save time with the App4Sales sales app

One of the main reasons for Henrik Wahren Delikatesser to start using sales app App4Sales is to decrease costs. The use of the sales app results in a reduction of errors and saves time and delivery costs. First, errors occurred regularly due to illegible handwriting on a delivery note. With App4Sales this is a thing of the past, because mistakes can be easily adapted as soon as they are discovered. As a result, the number of errors has been greatly reduced.

In addition to the error sensitivity of handwritten orders, the old order process costs a lot of time. As soon as an order was written, it was delivered to the administrative employee. Creating invoices for these orders took up to 3 to 4 hours per week. With sales app App4Sales this takes no longer than 10 minutes because all information is already in the Fortnox administration.

Working with package sizes within App4Sales

Within App4Sales Henrik Wahren Delikatesser can work with package sizes instead of individual products. This makes the order process even faster. The benefits achieved are not only experienced by the company itself, but also by its customers. The order confirmation in App4Sales looks similar to the invoice that the customer receives. Carl tells about the customer experiences:

“Our customers emphasize that the order process has become much better since we use the app”

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