Picqer integration with sales app App4Sales

Integrate Picqer with the applications of the App4Sales platform, organize your sales more efficiently and optimize your order process.

With App4Sales, your field sales force can easily submit orders via a digital catalogue, after which these automatically appear in your warehouse software. As soon as your order appears in your software, the order picking can start and the product can be sent to the customer.

In addition to placing orders, App4Sales also offers the possibility to create new customers or edit data of existing customers. By integrating with Picqer, changes are made automatically and you no longer need to enter them manually, saving time.


Enter orders from your tablet


Edit customers and create new ones


Make changes directly in your software


Access real-time information anywhere


Your catalogue always at your fingertips

On and offline

Use the app even without an internet connection

The Picqer app for sales

  • Sell via your tablet
  • Digital catalogue
  • Create customers

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Success stories of the Picqer integration and App4Sales

Want to know how other users experience the Picqer integration with App4Sales? Below you can read how the App4Sales platform and the integration contribute to the automation of our customers’ order processes.

Integrate Picqer with App4Sales

After integrating your administration with the App4Sales Content Management System (CMS), your item, customer and order data are synchronized.


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  • Customer data
  • Orders placed
  • Item data
  • Added TAGS


The integration between App4Sales and Picqer takes place via the App4Sales CMS. In the App4Sales Content Management System, you manage your customers and data. Any changes you make to the application will be made directly to the App4Sales CMS and your warehouse software.
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System requirements Picqer

No technical preparations are required for the installation of App4Sales. However, for optimal use of the App4Sales platform, you must be in possession of an iPad with a minimum of iOS 10 or an Android device with a minimum of Android 6.0.

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Picqer software: warehouse management for your webshop

Efficiently organise your product and stock management and professionalise your warehouse. The warehouse software offers the possibility to work with multi-channel order management and brings all your sales channels together. Picqer is the central link in your webshop warehouse.

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