Richmond Interiors speeds up ordering process with App4Sales and Portal4Sales

Since the introduction of App4Sales and Portal4Sales, the order process of Richmond Interiors has accelerated and the number of orders has tripled.

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Richmond Interiors is a Dutch interior label. Over 30 years ago they started selling antique furniture and accessories. In the meantime Richmond Interiors has grown into a leader in the interior sector and the company is active in 48 countries. The collection of Richmond Interiors is attuned to the latest fashion. In addition, they themselves set new fashion trends while striving for the perfect balance between style, comfort, quality and price.

Faster ordering process thanks to App4Sales

Before Richmond Interiors started using App4Sales and Portal4Sales, customers placed their orders by e-mail. Richmond Interiors representatives used a separate system with scanners to record orders. It was not possible to view current stock levels. The orders were then manually entered into the ERP-system. This way of processing orders took a lot of time and because of the major growth of Richmond Interiors, change was necessary.

Since the introduction of App4Sales, Richmond Interiors has noticed that the order process is faster and smoother. Where the company used to run out of time to process orders, it now has spare time. This time can be spent on other important matters, so App4Sales contributes to a more efficient way of working within Richmond Interiors. As a result, order entry has tripled in some weeks, something that would not have been possible without App4Sales an

Richmond Interiors works more efficiently with App4Sales

Since the introduction of App4Sales, the order process has been accelerated and in some weeks the order input has even tripled.
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App4Sales at fairs and during customer visits

App4Sales is used by the representatives of Richmond Interiors throughout Europe. They use App4Sales during customer visits to place orders and create new customers. The representatives of Richmond Interiors are very happy with App4Sales, because they can request real-time stock- and article information at any time and can place orders directly.

Richmond Interiors also uses App4Sales at trade fairs. Representatives work with their own iPad, using scanners to add products directly to orders. In addition, there are several iPads on the stand to place orders. There is also a desktop computer where prospects can view Portal4Sales.

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Positive ROI with Portal4Sales

Richmond Interiors has an extensive dealer network, a large part of which places its own orders via Portal4Sales. Richmond Interiors sees that the use of the B2B webshop is becoming increasingly popular. After a year, about 12% of the turnover comes from Portal4Sales. The turnover of some product groups has even doubled thanks to Portal4Sales.

Different order flows via App4Sales and Portal4Sales

Portal4Sales is used to allow customers to order standardized products themselves. For the complex, customized products, the representatives of Richmond Interiors use App4Sales. App4Sales and Portal4Sales complement each other. This way of working ensures that Richmond Interiors creates a steady base for their brand. This way, dealers always know where they stand.

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