Sales app integrated with your business software

What benefits can be gained by a complete integration with your ERP software?

Over the next few years business apps, and in particular sales apps, in commercial enterprises will continue to prove their importance for the sales organisation. More and more companies are beginning to notice the time saving ability of a business app when used by sales agents. The sales orders can be send directly into your business software and will immediately be processed in the back office. What other benefits can be gained by a complete integration with your ERP software?

Integration with your business software

The right people having the right data in the right place

How often does your office receive calls from your sales representatives asking for information on outstanding invoices, stock and product information? What kind of information do you provide your sales force when they go and visit customers to write orders?

It is crucial for a successful sales organisation that the right people have the right information in the right place. The correct information will become available with a complete integration of your sales app and your ERP software. From this moment on, it will be possible to get real time information and you will never be confronted with out-dated information again. The product and stock information you provide your customer can be of the highest importance in an ordering process. By consulting your product data and viewing your stocks real time, you will never sell items that are out of stock.

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Let your sales force focus on their own customers with the sales app

A sales representative should only focus on his own customers.

The customers of other sales representatives can be a distraction. This information is already available in your business software and can be synchronised to your sales app. Agents abroad only need information about customers in their own region. Again, too much information will only distract. Allowing your agents to easily obtain the correct and real time customer data will ensure a quick acceptance of a sales app. Especially, when the information can be accessed anywhere and anytime and even while being offline. When being able to access their own customer information and their own orders, sales representatives will feel comfortable with the app right away.


Do you have any extra customer and product information stored in your ERP software? With App4Sales you can make this data available for your sales force which they can access anytime, anywhere. This way your sales force stays efficient, even while being on the road.

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Certified by your software supplier

There are a lot of software suppliers who offer certified add-ons (apps) for their software. If your software supplier has a certification policy for such add-ons then it is highly recommended to opt for a sales app that has gone through such a certification process. With a certified app you are assured of a good connection to your software that is used by many other companies. When using such an existing certified app you can avoid the disadvantages of a long development process for a completely new customised business app. App4Sales has a leading position in the Benelux in the field of apps for sales forces and is certified by and connected to AFAS, Exact Software, Visma and many more ERP companies.

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