Zon Impex Trading sees App4Sales as a good investment

More sales for Zon Impex Trading through the use of App4Sales.

Zon Impex Trading is a wholesaler active in the catering and supermarket sector. The company distributes brands such as Nestlé and Selpak to national retailers and ethnic supermarkets in the Benelux. The customer is central to Zon Impex Trading, which is why the company offers the lowest price guarantee to regular customers. In addition, she simplified the ordering process so that customers can easily order.

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App4Sales saves time by doing fewer actions

Zon Impex Trading worked with its own application before they started using App4Sales. An excellent application, but with a disadvantage: the app had no connection with the back office. Because there was no integration, a lot still had to be entered manually. In addition, not all products could be shown well and the appearance was somewhat unprofessional. When Zon Impex Trading discovered all the possibilities of App4Sales, the company decided to start using App4Sales.

“With the press of a button, everything is immediately put into action.”

After an order has been placed, everything is automatically put into action, manual entry is no longer necessary. By linking App4Sales with the ERP system Snelstart, everything is immediately synchronized, which means fewer operations and it saves time.

“App4Sales is a very beautiful product, incredibly easy to use and saves time,” says Zafer Boztas, Managing Director at Zon Impex Trading.


Increase in sales for Zon Impex Trading with App4Sales

The clear product photos in App4Sales result in an increase in sales at Zon Impex Trading. Zafer Boztas says: ‘There is a considerable increase in the order amount of customers by visiting them and using App4Sales when placing an order. 9 out of 10 customers order more because of the attached photos. ‘

By visualizing products, customers can immediately see which product is involved. In addition, a look book can be used to show products even better. By properly portraying products, the customer knows exactly what he orders.

“Just do it, go experience the ease and result of App4Sales”

App4Sales works as it should work for Zon Impex Trading, if there are thresholds then they can always be resolved. ‘The App4Sales team is always willing to help, when you submit a ticket you get a quick response and every problem is solved quickly.

Zon Impex Trading currently uses App4Sales for its customers in the Netherlands. Once all products are properly categorized, the company will also use App4Sales in the rest of the Benelux.

Snelstart and App4Sales

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