Glaskoch B.Koch jr. GmbH + Co. KG opts for modernization with App4Sales

Thanks to App4Sales, Glaskoch saves time. Representatives can quickly request product and customer data and provide customers with more and better information. This allows them to focus more on the customer. Additionally, thanks to the extensive catalog it is no longer necessary to bring samples.

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Glaskoch is a leading glass product supplier, founded in 1859 in Germany. The family business is currently run by the fifth generation: Oliver and Bianca Kleine. Glaskoch is best known for their Leonardo brand, founded in 1972 as one of their core brands. Leonardo stands for joy, fun, and having a good time. The products are sold in over 60 countries by distributors, representatives and their own staff. montana:, also a glaskoch-brand was founded a year later and focuses mostly on concepts for daily use and stands for the innovative everyday companion.


The brand Leonardo has expanded into several categories over the years: Subbrands for Jewels, Living and other categories were established.

Placing orders with outdated scanners

Before App4Sales, Glaskoch agents used Bluetooth scanners to place orders. Product information was retrieved by scanning the product barcode, or the sales agents had to manually enter the product numbers they wanted to order. Product exchanges were not possible. The scanners had black and white screens and were considered very outdated.

Modernization with App4Sales

Glaskoch products are modern, innovative and contemporary. Glaskoch is currently restructuring their business systems so that their corporate image complies with this standard as well. Replacing the old Bluetooth scanners with a modern, state-of-the-art solution is part of a larger project.

For Glaskoch, App4Sales offered everything they needed to replace the scanning devices. Products are displayed in a well-arranged catalog, representatives have access to all product and customer data and the app is easy to use. A great feature of App4Sales is the possibility to connect products to photographs. Tapping on the photo will immediately redirect the user to the products displayed on the photo.


App4Sales benefits for representatives

App4Sales is currently used by the international sales team in Europe. The representatives use App4Sales in every customer and product interaction, for example during customer visit and at trade fairs. Because the representatives are located throughout Europe, and are further away from the head office than the German team, it is important they retrieve all data and information quickly. App4Sales makes this possible. In the near future, the German team will be using App4Sales on a daily basis as well. In total, 25 to 35 Glaskoch representatives will work with App4Sales.

One of the main advantages of App4Sales is the interaction it allows between the representative and the customer. Representatives can show the customer all products easily. It allows them to focus more on the meeting with the customer, instead of having to type orders in an outdated system. App4Sales also offers several options for displaying products. Representatives no longer have to carry many samples with them. In conclusion, it saves them time, allows them to focus on the customer and provides them with more and better information.

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