Exact Globe integration with the App4Sales sales app

Are you looking for a sales application for your tablet that seamlessly integrates with your Exact Globe administration? With App4Sales, your representatives have a tool that will fully digitise your order process and is connected to your Globe environment.

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A paper catalogue, paper orders, and manual order processing in Globe are things of the past, all orders appear in your ERP package in real-time. Make your orders transparent and measurable with the Exact Globe integration from App4Sales!

The sales app on your tablet gives you direct insight into orders that appear in Exact Globe in real-time. You can use the sales app to consult the entire customer database, create new customers, and easily view the order history of each customer. Your representatives always have insight into your customer’s most ordered items.


Write orders for customers, load price lists, and apply discounts


A clear overview of your customer database within reach


Items include detailed information and stock levels


Your full item database visible in the digital catalogue


Use App4Sales internationally with the translations from Globe

Real-time information

Retrieve stock levels, price lists, order history, and invoice history

The tablet sales app for Exact Globe

  • Digital catalogue
  • Complete customer database
  • Real-time stock indication
  • Retrieve price lists from Globe
  • Consult order history

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With App4Sales, you save time and money and choose the convenience of fully digitising the order process. Contact us without obligation and discover the many possibilities App4Sales can offer you.

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Exact Globe integration and App4Sales users

Sales representatives worldwide use the mobile sales app to digitize their order process and save time. Read the customer success stories and discover the benefits achieved with the Exact Globe integration and App4Sales.

Exact Globe integration with App4Sales

Exact Globe combines all your business flows within a single ERP system, and App4Sales is the perfect addition to this complete administration. With App4Sales, you combine the sale of your items, maintaining your customer relations, and writing orders on your tablet. This integration supports multiple warehouses, all stock levels and items from your administration become visible within the tablet sales app.

Exact Globe

  • Items and customers
  • Create and edit customers
  • New orders and signature
  • Real-time stock and order history
  • Price lists and volume discounts


The integration of your Exact Globe environment with the App4Sales platform occurs through an integration with the App4Sales content management system (CMS). In the CMS, you can manage the users of the sales application and have an overview of various statistics.

You can consult the sales per representative and make the order process transparent and measurable. The App4Sales CMS gives you clear insight into the performance and results of your representatives. Immediately see how your representatives performed at, for instance, a trade fair.

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Exact Globe and App4Sales system requirements

Creating the integration between Exact Globe and App4Sales requires access to the environment in which Globe operates. In most cases, the Globe environment runs on a web server that can be externally accessed. The App4Sales software will be installed on this server to enable App4Sales to communicate with Exact Globe. Scripts will be installed in the Globe database to ensure that the data is exported to the App4Sales database in the correct format.

Technical requirements

  • IIS with a website integrated to the file folder where the App4Sales Globe component will be installed
  • Windows authentication installed on the IIS Server
  • .NET 4.5 installed on the IIS Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2 or higher
  • Exact Globe batch 407 or higher
  • Access to a local installation of Exact Globe, preferably on the IIS server, for the use of the Entity Services
  • Exact Globe Entity Services must be activated and accessible from the IIS Server, preferably locally
  • Possibility to access the IIS Server via our data centre, preferably with HTTPS
  • iPad with iOS 10 or higher
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Exact Globe ERP Software

Exact Globe is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software package developed by Exact Software. With Globe, companies are able to manage various administrative processes. As an ERP package, Globe offers a combination of accounting, order processing, planning, and Human Resource Management (HRM). Primary processes such as production and distribution can also be managed easily.

Multiple accounting packages are a thing of the past by replacing the different information islands and combining them into one complete ERP package. With Exact Globe, companies can operate as one whole, allowing them to improve existing processes. All company departments can enter data into one system and use one correct source of information. Companies win time and gain more clarity and control of their business with Exact Globe. Use Globe to improve the productivity of the entire organisation.

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