MYOMY automates order process with App4Sales and Core-portal

Automation of the order process with sales app App4Sales and B2B portal Core-portal results in an increase in turnover and extra fairtrade jobs for MYOMY Do Goods.

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MYOMY Do Goods produces leather bags and accessories using sustainable materials. All bags have a recognizable design based on a paper, plastic or sports bag. MYOMY is a result of a World Fairtrade Organisation employment project. The Fairtrade products are created in India and Bangladesh and aim for a better world.

MYOMY no longer enters orders manually

When MYOMY started producing and selling sustainable bags in 2007, the company used an Excel sheet for their order registration. The retailer completed this form and sent it by email to MYOMY Do Goods. The order was then entered manually in the Exact Online administration and the Excel sheet was sent to the distribution center.

Since the implementation of App4Sales and Core-portal, MYOMY no longer uses the Excel order form. Orders are now entered via the digital catalog on a mobile device with the B2B sales apps. After sending the order, it automatically appears in the Exact Online administration. The digital order is also sent to the distribution center, where the bags are picked and send.

Fast order processing through App4Sales

Marja Baas, owner of MYOMY Do Goods, tells about the advantages:

“The processing of orders is going three times faster”

Automation of the order process results in extra jobs

The sales apps contribute to the success of MYOMY. The company spends less time processing orders. MYOMY uses the saved time for customer contact, sales and marketing. Due to the extra attention that can be given to customers now, more products are sold and turnover is increased. This growth in turnover is used to create extra fairtrade jobs in Bangladesh and India. This is exactly the goal that Marja has in mind for her business:

“MYOMY provides 114 fairtrade jobs at the moment. Our goal is to have created 200 jobs in 2020. App4Sales has helped us to take a step forward”

Save costs by reducing errors with App4Sales and Core-portal

Another advantage for MYOMY Do Goods is the reduced number of input errors since the usage of App4Sales and Core-portal. Orders entered through the digital catalog are directly send to the Exact Online administration, therefore they no longer need to be entered manually. This results in a reduction of input errors, which saves costs.

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