Order process Authentic Brands simplified and accelerated with App4Sales

Authentic Brands was looking for a B2B sales app that allows representatives to easily enter orders. This app had to be easy, clear and simple, with these requirements Authentic Brands discovered App4Sales.

Authentic Brands is a wholesaler specializing in the import of outdoor shoes, sportswear and accessories in the higher segment. The wholesaler sells several brands including OOfos and the leading brand Olukai.

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From manually entering orders in Exact Online to a digitized order process

Kristian Bloem, the Brand Manager of Authentic Brands explains: “Before we used App4Sales, all sales orders were entered on our laptop and we had to manually enter these orders in the evening in our Exact Online environment. To prevent no sales during a visit to our customers we made use of paper stock lists. From this way of working we started looking for an application that would considerably simplify and speed up the order process. ”

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The requirements that the sales app for Authentic Brands had to meet were: simple, few buttons and ‘touch & go’. During the long search for a suitable sales application many beautiful apps came along, but all these apps had one thing in common: the complicated and cumbersome operation. “Often it was not possible to enter an order quickly and easily. With App4Sales this is no problem, you open the catalog, add the articles to the order, select the right customer, send the order and within no time the order is ready in Exact Online. Brilliant!”

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App4Sales implementation went flawlessly for Authentic Brands

The implementation went smoothly for Authentic Brands, according to Kristian. “Because we had already built up our product codes in the right way, we could easily place our products in different article matrices. For various seasons we have a beautiful article matrix with which our representatives can quickly order different sizes of, for example, a flip-flop.”

ROI for Authentic Brands with App4Sales

“The great time savings we achieve as Authentic Brands with App4Sales is the Return on Investment for us. The order process is faster and we have access to the most up-to-date catalog and stock positions anytime, anywhere, a customer service is a thing of the past.”
Kristian Bloem
Brand Manager of Authentic Brands

Core-portal, a perfect extension for Authentic Brands

In addition to the perfect B2B sales app, Authentic Brands has also started using Core-portal. This gives customers direct insight into available products and current stock levels from Exact Online, representatives who previously had to visit customers are no longer needed with this handy B2B portal. In addition to the user-friendliness of the sales app and the portal, Kristian praises the connection between the applications. Because these are connected to the App4Sales platform, Authentic Brands has access to a very complete sales package with Exact Online.

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