Nääsgränsgården improves internal communication by means of App4Sales

App4Sales replaces old-school paper order forms with an intuitive order writing interface that allows sales representatives to simply click on a product to add it to the basket. The sales app also gives representatives of Nääsgränsgården access to up-to-date article and customer information at all times, paving the way for streamlined internal communication, an advantage often overlooked.

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Nääsgränsgården, Swedish original design of interior and gift products for holidays and seasons. The Swedish designers of Nääsgränsgården are especially gifted in applying traditional influences on contemporary design. Several product lines have become well-known classics and new ones are introduced every season. Everything is exclusively designed and produced for Nääsgränsgården. A product from Nääsgränsgården is a promise of high quality and unique design.

Nääsgränsgården throws out their order forms and embraces App4Sales

Prior to empowering their sales representatives with App4Sales, Nääsgränsgården sales representatives used to bring paper-based catalogs to their customer visits, write down the order on paper and enter the order into their ERP system Pyramid at a later point of time.

Realising that entering orders manually increases the risk of making mistakes and delays the processing of orders, Nääsgränsgården decided to improve their order process. After searching for a solution that met the requirement that representatives could easily enter orders on the road, App4Sales was chosen because of its simplicity and ability to conveniently connect with a Bluetooth scanner, a feature that has allowed Nääsgränsgården to take orders even faster at trade fairs.

Sales app at Nääsgränsgården

Per-Anders Elled, CEO of Nääsgränsgården, tells about the advantages of the sales app:

“A huge advantage of App4Sales turned out to be something completely different than what we selected the app for”

Streamlined communication with representatives through App4Sales

While using App4Sales as an order registration tool during customer visits and trade fairs, an unexpected advantage appeared. Now all of Nääsgränsgårdens sales representatives always have access to up-to-date information regarding which products are still in stock, special offers and new incoming items. Having all critical important information gathered at one place has greatly improved the B2B sales channel communication about Nääsgränsgården’s products.

Nääsgränsgårdens mood images incorporated in the Lookbook

The App4Sales Lookbook has made it possible for Nääsgränsgården to display its products in inspirational mood images that capture their charm in natural surroundings. The mood images are embedded with tags that allow the sales rep to simply tap on the products to add it to the order. In addition, the Lookbook provides a clear categorization of the different collections sold at Nääsgränsgården. Consequently, representatives can easily navigate to the products they are looking for and order these products immediately.

App4Sales lookbook catalog Nääsgränsgården

Sales agents throughout Scandinavia use App4Sales

After a successful first year working with their new sales-tool, Nääsgränsgården has broadened their usage of App4Sales to more representatives throughout Scandinavia and Northern Europe. Since a few months, App4Sales is used by agents in Denmark, Norway and Germany. Per-Anders Elled, CEO of Nääsgränsgården, tells about the feedback from his sales team:

“All representatives agree on one thing. The send button is a ‘relieve button’. No longer do they have to re-write orders manually in the ERP system. They are ready with the sales order administration directly after visiting the customer”

It is not only the sales representatives that get to experience the overwhelming feeling of how relieving it can be. Also the administrative department of Nääsgränsgården experiences the advantages. Especially during busy exhibition periods, the difference is noticeable; order processing time is saved, fewer errors are made and delivery times are improved because orders are sent directly from App4Sales to Pyramid.

App4Sales integration with Pyramid

With App4Sales a lot of time is saved, but there is still more time to improve. At the moment Nääsgränsgården uses the App4Sales Stand Alone version, which means that item and customer data is uploaded with help of excel sheets. In the near future, Nääsgränsgården hopes to realize an integration with Pyramid, so data from Pyramid will automatically end up in App4Sales and vice versa. Currently the sales orders registered in the app are already imported semi-automatically into Pyramid through an internally development tool.

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