B2B order process of Abrazi is now efficiently structured

Efficiency is central to Abrazi, so the company decided to invest in the App4Sales sales app and the B2B (business to business) Portal4Sales sales portal. The link with the Exact Online administration of Abrazi ensures efficiency, because B2B orders can be processed and sent immediately.

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Abrazi designs, produces and sells jewelry for the bridal and evening fashion market. The Dutch wholesaler is known for its high-quality handmade products from materials such as Swarovski, gold and silver. All Abrazi jewelry and products are made in the Netherlands and Italy and are sold both inside and outside Europe.

Fast implementation of App4Sales sales app at Abrazi

Abrazi started producing and selling jewelry in 2003, the B2B orders were then manually recorded and processed at a later time in the Exact Online administration. In 2015, Abrazi spotted App4Sales at a trade fair. After a demonstration by an Optimizers account manager, Abrazi started using the sales app. Jelte Scholte, director of Abrazi, about the implementation of App4Sales:

“Within no time, App4Sales was being efficiently used in our organization. App4Sales looks professional, especially the catalog is very neat. We are very happy with it”

B2B orders are now sent directly to the customer

App4Sales delivers both benefits on the stock exchange and during customer visits. For example, representatives with the sales app have insight into up-to-date article and customer data at any time. The automatic exchange of these data between Exact Online and App4Sales ensures fewer human errors and saves time.

B2B orders no longer need to be processed manually in Exact Online, but it is now easily ordered via the digital catalog. After taking down an order in the sales app, it is directly transferred into the Exact Online administration. After this, the b2b order can be sent directly to the customer, with the result that the customer receives his ordered items very quickly. All the benefits with App4Sales contribute to working efficiently at Abrazi.

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Customers of Abrazi can order via the B2B sales portal

In addition to App4Sales, Abrazi has also taken the B2B portal Portal4Sales into use. The company wants to encourage its customers to re-order products online. Offering Portal4Sales gives customers the freedom to order products from their own location. As soon as a product is sold out, Portal4Sales offers customers the possibility to re-order the relevant product immediately. There is no need for a representative to come by.

A big advantage of Portal4Sales is that customers can view their ordered products and easily re-order them. Orders from Portal4Sales also go directly to the Exact Online administration of Abrazi. The use of the sales portal should ensure that customers no longer order in the ‘old-fashioned’ way. This means that customers no longer order by fax or e-mail, but via Portal4Sales.

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