Toi-Toys registers orders efficiently with App4Sales and Core-portal

Since 2012, representatives of Toi-Toys have been registering orders via sales app App4Sales. Because of the integration with Microsoft Dynamics Navision, article and customer data is retrieved real time. As a result, representatives and customers are always aware of up-to-date product information and orders can be sent directly to the ERP-system.

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Toi-Toys is an importer and distributor of toys. The company has been active in the toy industry for 28 years and now sells its products in 30 countries to specialist toy stores, wholesalers and retail chains. The company offers a wide range of profitable toys, which are designed by the Toi-Toys design team based on the latest fads and trends.

Toi-Toys automates order process

In 2012, Toi-Toys went looking for a software package to automate the order process. Previously, the company worked with photo albums, paper price lists and notebooks for taking orders. The photo album had to be regularly updated with new photos and stock data often lagged behind one week. The manual processing of orders therefore took a lot of time and was very error-prone. The search of Toi-Toys resulted in an investment in App4Sales. Automating the order process with the sales app brought the manual input and out-dated data to an end.

App4Sales is easy to use

Rob Rooijakkers, director of Toi-Toys, talks about the use of App4Sales:

“App4Sales is very ‘monkeyproof’, anyone can work with it.”

New functionalities through the development of App4Sales

App4Sales is used by representatives of Toi-Toys at home and abroad during customer visits and at fairs. During customer visits, representatives work with two iPads equipped with App4Sales. One iPad functions as a photo album, in which customers can scroll through the article images without seeing prices or additional product information. The representative uses the second iPad to enter the order, where prices, stocks and additional information are visible. At trade shows, one iPad is used, because physical toy products are present.

Since the application of App4Sales, orders can be easily registered and representatives no longer have to fax orders by e-mail in their evening hours. Orders placed in App4Sales are automatically sent to the ERP-system.

Rob, director of Toi-Toys, talks about the developments of App4Sales:

“Many functionalities have been added over the years. For example, additional information can be displayed on the product card and it is possible to add multiple product photos.”

App4Sales platform installed quickly

Rob, director of Toi-Toys, talks about the implementation of the sales tools:

“Due to the many integrations that the App4Sales platform has, the start-up time is very short and the implementation is fast and smooth.”

Customers easily register orders with Core-portal

Because Toi-Toys already worked with App4Sales, Core-portal could be put into use quickly.
The implementation of the sales portal was a matter of installing Core-portal and creating login details for customers. After this, customers of Toi-Toys could order directly via the plug & play sales portal. Core-portal is very easy to use for Toi-Toys customers. They can place orders and sent these directly to the Microsoft Dynamics Navision administration of Toi-Toys, after which Toi-Toys can process the order and send it to the customer.

Toy wholesaler sells through App4Sales

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