Mafico guarantees customers error-free order processing with App4Sales and Portal4Sales

Automating the order processes with App4Sales and Portal4Sales results in fewer errors during the processing of orders at Mafico. In addition, the company saves time through digitization with B2B sales apps.

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Mafico AV is a young distribution company that is active in the field of audiovisual products in the Benelux. The company imports and distributes photo and video equipment, musical instruments and accessories. Mafico provides dealers with a complete, exclusive brand package, consisting of a diversity of products that offer added value to the customer.

Mafico integrates Portal4Sales sales portal with Snelstart administration

In 2016, Mafico started looking for a sales portal that can be delivered exclusively to its closed dealer network. A requirement for this portal is that price agreements must be agreed per dealer and a stock indication must be available. In addition, the maintenance should not cost much time for Mafico because the sales portal only supports the sale of the company’s products.

Through her Snelstart partner, Mafico ended up at the Portal4Sales portal of Optimizers. The realized integration with Snelstart automatically synchronizes data from the Snelstart administration with the App4Sales CMS. After which the article data with stock indication is shown in Portal4Sales. Thanks to the Snelstart integration, dealers always have up-to-date information regarding the availability of products. For Mafico this results in a decrease of 70% in incoming telephone calls.

Positive customers about Portal4Sales

Luuk Rost, marketing officer at Mafico, talks about the customer responses to the Portal4Sales portal:

“Customers find Portal4Sales a pleasant system”

Representatives sell more by using App4Sales

After starting with the Portal4sales sales portal, Mafico also started with the implementation of the App4Sales sales app. At the moment 3 account managers of the company work with App4Sales. The advantage of the sales app is that a representative can place an order directly on location for the customer and can re-sell products. Within App4Sales the sales representative sees the exact stock of items at that moment, so that customers can be provided with real-time information. As soon as the order has been registered, it will go to the Snelstart administration of Mafico and processing the order can immediately start.

Mafico uses various functionalities of App4Sales and Portal4Sales

Both within the App4Sales sales app and the Portal4Sales sales portal, Mafico has created a look book, which makes it easy to navigate between different brands. Product images and detailed product descriptions have been added to the articles to inform dealers about the content of a product. The sales apps also show the prices in accordance with the price agreements made with a dealer and Mafico advises on a street price that dealers can use.

Luuk Rost from Mafico talks about the implementation of sales apps and collaboration with Optimizers:

“The implementation of App4Sales and Portal4Sales went smoothly. There is a fast circuit and working with Optimizers is very nice. Within a day you get an answer to your questions and when something is not possible this is clearly explained.”

B2B sales app and sales portal result in time saving Mafico

Automatic order processing between the B2B sales apps and Snelstart reduces errors and saves time. For example, less manpower is needed for processing orders, which means that Mafico employees have time to work on other things. The use of less manpower during the ordering process also ensures a reduction in errors.

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